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Generator Power Australia, now a group company of YANMAR subsidiary HIMOINSA, reveals its new range of generator sets.

As part of HIMOINSA’s global expansion, the strategic alliance with Generator Power allows us to combine internationally recognised manufacturing quality with proven distribution experience to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage and evolve continuously with the Australian market.

‘We are delighted to be part of HIMOINSA and YANMAR’, says Dave Robins, Managing Director of Generator Power, ‘HIMOINSA gensets have been successfully applied in hundreds of projects in Australia. Together, we are fully committed to providing exceptional levels of service and to achieve world-class standards in delivering quality, reliable, on-time, and competitive one-stop power solutions.’

Dave Robins â€" Managing Director of Generator Power

Five models ranging from 13 to 46 kVA

Specially designed for prime power applications including rental, agriculture, construction and mining, the new Contractor Series consists of five models ranging from 13 to 46 kVA, combining robustness and versatility with reduced emissions, improved fuel economy and performance.

Durability with low cost of ownership

Powered by YANMAR, the proven TNV engine applied to the Contractor Series offers enhanced durability and reliability combined with low cost of ownership to maximise suitability to all prime power applications. The TNV  industrial range reinforces YANMAR’s commitment to creating outstanding high performance engines that continue to exceed our customers expectations over the long term.Through many years of R&D, YANMAR delivers to the world increasingly efficient and economical engines. As a result, the YANMAR brand is the dominant force in industrial, rural, power generation, pumping and earth moving applications.

  • Reliable & Durable (anti-corrosion canopy with galvanised sheet).
  • Heavy duty, withstand extreme weather and working conditions.
  • High quality YANMAR engine
  • Compact size, easy operation, user friendly
  • Precise fuel delivery and control with reduced emissions, improved performance and increased fuel economy.

Easy Engine Access

Wider doors to ensure better access to all the engine and alternator components for correct maintenance and for the replacement of consumables.

Uninterrupted days of operation

The Contractor Series is designed to provide uninterrupted days of operation that rental companies demand as a key performance requirement. With an anti-corrosion canopy manufactured from galvanised sheet steel, these generators are designed to operate in all weather extremes that we come to expect in Australia. Special features such as wide doors designed to provide maximum internal access for maintenance benefits the bottom line through easier servicing. Other standard features include:

  • Heavy duty chassis designed for the rough and tumble of rental applications
  • Long range bunded fuel tank > 24 hours operation
  • Radiator service access door
  • Bus bar connection in addition to protected weatherproof outlets
  • Super silent acoustic enclosures
  • Customised options including mining compliance upgrades


Generator Power for HIMOINSA YANMAR generators Australia wide

With locations in Sydney and Brisbane (and more in the pipeline), Generator Power is one of the largest stockists of generators in Australia enabling prompt delivery to our extensive customer base. Most importantly, each and every product sold by Generator Power is backed-up with readily available spare parts covering the complete generator package including engine consumables, electrical and acoustic canopy components.

Generator Power (Australia) Pty Ltd, a Yanmar Company.

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Want to know more, request a call back

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